Playing a different role than a Coach, a consultant has answers to questions asked. Almost always, a consultant is an independent contractor. He or she provides professional advice to an organization or individual for a fee. A wide variety of consultants exist for many areas of organizational concerns, including management, accounting, environment, finance, legal and technical matters. Most often they are specialists in a single discipline. They know a lot (or everything) about a one area of specialization.

Mr. Cederdahl's specialization is people. He has answers to how they work, play, interact, are motivated, and most importantly, how they communicate or should communicate. Although his practice runs from single individuals, to very large companies, his niche is guiding entrepreneurs and their entities to greater success. This usually involves businesses with fewer than 25 people. It should be noted that 80% or more of ALL businesses in California have fewer than 25 people. Some studies show this figure to be closer to 90%. The good news is that most new jobs today are with small companies. Truly, small business is BIG business.

When Bob is engaged as a consultant, it is for a specific project or purpose for an agreed upon fee. In some instances, he will reduce his fee for equity participation. He works even harder (for reduced immediate compensation) at his assignments because when the company hits a home run later on, he scores as well. This is good news for the first-time entrepreneur who finds initial capital rather limited.

Most consultants begin their careers as sole practitioners, and many stay that way throughout their careers. They have independence, can make as much or as little money as they themselves determine. Only 69% of all consultants work in firms of three or more professionals. Consulting is listed again and again as one of the best jobs for the next millennium. It's often said that, "Consultants are those people who are between regular jobs!" Be careful!

If you're looking for a consultant, be sure they have credentials in the form of certification, have many satisfied clients, and have been in business for more than 5 years. Engage experience, not potential. It's so easy to hang a shingle out to the world stating that you are a "consultant." Don't be fooled.

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