A contract is merely an instrument between two or more parties whereby each party promises to do, or not to do, something. That's it, pure and simple. Simple? Well, it should be but seldom is. Regardless of what is put on paper, unless the parties have a favorable human relationship, it doesn't work. However, a contract on paper sure beats out having nothing at all. Most contracts are business related and are not complicated. Contracts should therefore be between business people and not between attorneys who may be trying to outdo each other. Bob has seen several deals fall apart due to an extreme advocate position of one the party's attorneys. Don't let that happen to you. Select an advisor that makes sense and has a business background.

LEASES are just contracts granting the use of real estate, equipment, or other fixed assets for a specified time in exchange for payment, usually in the form of rent. Many leases today contain 20 pages or more of legalese that you may not understand. If you don't understand what a lease says, don't sign it. Have a competent consultant review and advise you of the implications of the lease. Should you need assistance in negotiating a lease, consider an outsider advisor as well. Mr. Cederdahl may be able to help you in this area.

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