Creating Compatible Roads to Financial Security
Why is business and personal financial planning important? Do you have a financial challenge that you can't resolve? It has been shown that those who have and work their financial plans are more successful. Do you have such a plan? It may be that you're too close to the problem to see a way out. Perhaps you're too busy to formulate a plan. It may be that you're not focused and just hope the challenge goes away. Whatever the reason, assess your needs and plan for those needs. You should know that there are many roads to financial success and one may be better for you than others. Ask Mr. Cederdahl to help you find a path compatible with you, your way of life and your present and future needs.

Simply, a trust is a set of instructions to another regarding property you own. They are particularly valuable when you are no longer able to make prudent decisions yourself. Legally, a trust is a fiduciary relationship in which a person (a trustee) holds title to property for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary). If the trust is created while the donor is living, it is called a living trust or intervivos trust. A trust created by a will is called a testamentary trust. The trustee is usually called upon to invest the trust assets in a productive manner for the benefit of the beneficiary. Many trusts are simple and can be drawn by a competent advisor. You can even purchase some trusts at the local business supply store. Others can be quite complicated and should only be drawn by an attorney. Bob can help you with some trust questions. Just ask.
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