Discovering Low-cost Alternative Dispute Resolutions
What is damage control? Is it a submarine going down with men manning the pumps? Could be, but to Bob, damage control means events that occur in a startup company or in an ongoing business or personal relationship that requires a serious course correction. Three paths are possible:

Bad: Call an attorney when you've been served. Too little, too late! You're already into the rocks, your hull has been breached and water is coming in. However, if you are still breathing, you can still call Mr. Cederdahl to suggest a reputable attorney. Be prepared to spend BIG bucks though!

Better: Listen. Then call in an outside consultant or personal coach as soon as a situation is known or suspected to assess possible damage and to suggest appropriate damage control before the hull is breached.

Best: Call Bob to conduct an assessment of your situation (prospective business, ongoing business, personal relationship or other challenge) before the event occurs. Preemptive assessments, damage control, and positive, team-building action is far better than anything else. This type of assessment: provides fuel for action; allows you to seize new opportunities; is future-directed; is cost-effective, and; is validated through increased performance and profitability. Heavy damage control is seldom necessary under this scenario. Which way would you prefer?

In-house Settlements - Mediation - Avoiding Lawsuits
Over the years, Bob Cederdahl, CPCM, has been engaged by several firms and individuals to investigate matters BEFORE they are referred to an attorney. Examples include: sexual harassment investigations, unsettled differences of opinion between partners, department-head conflicts, significant-other altercations, employee demands, inter-company communication challenges, and other interesting personnel and personal matters. You may consider repairing such situations using H/R or other on-hand sources. Unfortunately, the "loser" often says management fixed it all right! Avoid this outcome by fixing the matter early. Keep it in-house (out of court) through the services of an objective, competent, independent, outside consultant or coach.
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