It depends on the stature and comportment of the person or firm asking you to provide one to them. In reality, they are one in the same item. If it's the restaurant down the street, they might ask you for a résumé. On the other hand, George's-by-the-Cove Art Gallery may ask you for your Qualification Brief. They are the first step in getting by the gatekeeper where you may be looking for a job. Most résumés coming across the transom of Mr. Cederdahl are not living résumés at all - in fact, they remind him of documents of the dead. No life, no sparkle, no pizzazz. They're written in the past and for only one or two personality styles. They totally ignore the other styles that exist in the world! They don't say what the person does today - rather they talk about titles they once had. Too bad that they don't even say what the person can do for the prospective company. No wonder job seekers receive so many rejection letters or no response at all! Do you have this problem? If you are now a living human being, let Bob coach you to develop your own living résumé. You owe it to yourself.
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