Yes, every quality firm needs continual development and growth of the management and leadership teams. As Michael Gerber pointed out in his highly acclaimed book, The E Myth, there really are others beside the entrepreneur who can run a business. If you are an entrepreneur, Bob suggests you grab this book immediately. To grow a business-with-character to its highest potential, the good leader will develop his managers. Bob knows that this effort begins with good two-way communication at all levels, up and down the ladder.

The DiSC model should be the first step along this path. Another highly effective way is to use 360-degree feedback such as the Leadership Development Inventory and other such instruments. Innovation, listening skills, coping with stress, using time effectively, and discovering/developing your core values are critical to success. You should know and be able to solve the top-ten people problems (it's not technology-that's the easy part!). Workshops, role-playing, case studies, one-on-one coaching sessions to understand and develop self and others, paradigms, vision, and change are not only encouraged, they are essential. Learn what the new possibilities are.

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