POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUALS & EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS are the guidelines to any well-run organization. They help managers by showing them that they do not have to re-invent the wheel every time a challenge pops up. They should be ethically and legally correct as much as practical. As your guiding light, they'll help keep you out of trouble when things go wrong.

P&P manuals keep management doing things in a consistent, logical way. They contain the message from top management to middle management or departments. They tell managers what they should be telling employees.

Employee Handbooks are guidelines for employees. They should not be stoic or dictatorial. Rather they should be user-friendly, fair and mirror what is contained in the P&P manual. In California, where litigation is running rampant, many things must be said in very special ways to help keep employers out of trouble.

Do you have more than one employee? If so, BE CERTAIN to develop a comprehensive employee handbook and keep it up to date, on at least an annualized basis. Lawyers are not necessary to perform this function. Use a reputable certified consultant instead. Also retain a consultant to automatically feed you changes as they occur during the year. Ask your consultant how much he spends to keep on top of things and what he does to remain accomplished in this critical area. You're paying the bill - you have a right to know. If you are a small employer and do not have a Human Resource person on staff, consultants can be used effectively while adding to your bottom line. If you're paranoid, use a lawyer.

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