Do you feel you should negotiate the greatest, highest and best possible position for yourself or your company in a business deal or in your personal matters? Many people believe this the only approach. Most attorneys that Bob has met think this way as well and will negotiate such good deals for their side that they gloat over how well they've done! Ah, but how about the other side - the client, customer, business partner or significant other? Shouldn't they win as well? The truth is that they should and MUST win too. The negotiation process is an art, not a game or science. Since the key to success is long-term relationships, the other side must win as well to make the relationship work. When this approach is not followed, the other side soon realizes that they got the short end of the stick and will find ways to sabotage the deal and the relationship. As a consultant Mr. Cederdahl makes certain that both sides end up with a fair piece of the action depending on their level of participation in the relationship. If you're going to err in any direction, give the other side the bigger piece of the pie. You'll be glad that you did. Contracts, leases, and licenses are examples of items that demand a successful negotiator with excellent communication and business skills. Should you want to be coached in how you can improve your skills in this process, contact Bob.

How about arbitration? Simply, people want to do business, not argue about it. Disputes are inevitable and when you can't solve them yourself, call in an independent consultant with both people (communication) and arbitration skills. Some arbitrators look only at the technical part of the equation and forget the human side. Watch out!

Since most controversies do not involve significant legal issues, they should and can be solved privately. It is usually best NOT to use an attorney, as this posture only tends to intimidate the other side. They then feel obligated to do the same and the situation escalates. Besides, it's more expensive. Bob has arbitrated many situations and always strives for win-win outcomes. If he feels he is unsuited for your situation, he may refer you to other accredited consultants through the National Bureau of Certified Consultants.

On the other hand, if the issue is complex, call in an arbitrator who has specific experience in that area. The American Arbitration Association is a great place to start when experts are required. Count on paying much more for these services.
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